Andemar Dust & Ice Control Ltd.

Did You Know?

  • Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine never changes it’s consistency, even when stored for long periods of time, no matter if the temperature is 100 degrees or 30 below zero.  
  • Calcium Chloride is also considered to be practically non-toxic to aquatic organisms.
  •  Studies show that traffic from as few as five cars can knock off 80% of solid ice-melting material, such as rock salt.
  • Pre-wetting rock salt with Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine will not only make your salt work better, it will keep it where it belongs – on the road!
  • Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine also does not chemically alter concrete and, when used as recommended, will not harm vegetation.
  • Older Canadians most often hurt by falls on ice (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
  •  For all winter-related causes of serious injuries (excluding motor vehicle collisions), falls on ice were by far the most common cause: they led to 7,138 hospital admissions in 2010–2011, more than for all winter sports and recreational activities combined. About half of these cases occurred in people age 60 and older and about 70% were among those 50 and older.  (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
  • More than half (56%) of those hospitalized for falls on ice were women. (Canadian Institute for Health Information)